Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chunkster Reading Challenge

I recently discovered the vast community of book blogs and the challenges that people set for themselves. I think this looks like great fun and I am hastily joining the Chunkster Reading Challenge!

I LOVE large books, or tomes as I prefer to refer to them! I love getting lost in a story that continues for so long that you feel as if you are part of that world and the characters are your best friend. I'm always sad when I finish a long, good book and realize that my new friends are going back to the bookshelf.

The Chunkster Reading Challenge is perfect for me! The challenge is to read adult literature (fiction or nonfiction) books of 450 pages or more.

You can choose any level you want for your goal for 2011. I will be choosing the highest level- Mor-book-ly Obese, because I love a good book challenge! This level means that I will have to read at least 8 books of 450 pages or more in 2011, 3 of which have to be over 750 page! Woohoo!

Finally, I don't have to feel guilty about reading so few books (a 750 page book does take some time to get through), just because I enjoy a nice tome now and then.

This challenge started on February 1, 2011. Therefore, a few of my books already count towards my goal:

Unfortunately, I read Pamela by Samuel Richardson in January so that will not count (and that was also over 750 pages!).

Therefore, to complete this 2011 challenge, I have to read 5 more books over 450 pages and one of them must be over 750 pages.

Please comment on your favorite tomes. I have a few in mind but I'd like to hear suggestions!

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