Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Library Visit

Have I ever said how much I love the library system in Pittsburgh, PA?

I LOVE to buy books! I love to gaze at my book shelves and ponder all the beautiful stories contained within their covers. But I don't have unlimited resources, either in money or space. Therefore, I've increased my borrowing habits from the library.

I use to live in Oakland, the neighborhood in Pittsburgh where the University of Pittsburgh is located. Oakland is also home of the main library for Pittsburgh. It's a massive, beautiful building that is also connected to the Pittsburgh Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art.

Since I've graduated, my husband and I have moved out of Oakland but still live in Pittsburgh. There is a very small branch just up the hill from where we live now. It may be up a steep hill and it may be closed two days a week, but the service is just as great. I requested two books online mid-day last Friday. The library was closed Sunday and Monday and my books were still in bright and early this morning!

While I was in there, I glanced at the display of new books and there was another book I wanted to read! Even at the little branch campus!

The books I picked up today are:

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Katie Jacobs
Blood, Bones, & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton
Reign of Madness by Lynn Cullen

Any suggestions on which book I should start first?


  1. I read Blood, Bones, and Butter a few months ago and really enjoyed it. If you work in the restaurant industry, then you will really enjoy it! And I live in Pittsburgh, too! I love how the library system works here ... it's sad, but I dread moving away because I doubt that anyplace has the network of the libraries in Allegheny County!

  2. Glad to hear Blood, Bones, and Butter is good! I don't work in the restaurant industry though...

    Pittsburgh is a pretty great place to be!! :)