Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Updates and Readathons

So... I am back in school and got a job, so my book reviews have really fallen to the wayside. I don't know how many actually read this blog but I feel guilty whenever I glance over at my small pile of books waiting to be reviewed. My reading has also slowed down but I do have several books finished and waiting to be reviewed on here. I'm going to try to get back on track and starting updating By the By Books as often as possible.

To help me get back on track, I'm going to try to participate as much as possible in two upcoming readathons. I participated in last spring's Dewey's 24 hour readathon and loved it! I still went to sleep that night, but I tried to read as much as possible while I was awake. Dewey's read a thon is this weekend, and I may be going out some to see friends, but when I'm home and awake, I want to read! If you're interested in finiding out more about Dewey's 24 hour read a thon, go here.

November 18-20 is the Re-readathon hosted by The Perpetual Page Turner at perpetualpageturner.com
This readathon is for giving us time to re-read books that we don't always have the time to get back to. Ever since starting my blog, I've been loathe to re-read books because I want to keep adding new and fresh reviews, however I really love to re-read my favorite books. Maybe I'll use this readathon to re-read the Harry Potter series, which I like to do about once a year, or I'll go back and read some of my favorites since starting this blog. This readathon hits the start of my Thanksgiving break, so I shouldn't have much schoolwork to do, which will give me the excuse to take the weekend off and just enjoy my books.

I hope this readathon planning and finding the balance between school, work, spending time with my husband and friends, and reading will allow me to start posting new book reviews with some regularity. Please bear with me when my blog slows down, I'm not leaving any time soon. :)

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